• Interactive Magic
  • Mind Reading
  • Audience Involvement
  • Balloon Animals
  • Impressive Escapes
  • ...and a bunch of other really cool stuff!

    Kyle has been traveling around Western Canada focusing on making kids laugh; better yet, keeping them entertained! This option is ideal for a child's birthday party, children's Christmas Party, or organization function. Whether you are having it in your living room, basement, garage, backyard, or at another venue, this show will be there! After the magic show, the kids all get to meet Kyle as he uses his balloon twisting skills to create whatever animal* each child chooses!

    *Limited to a Poodle, Dog, Mouse, Moose, Deer, Dog Riding a Motorcycle, Bird, Sword, Twisty Hat, Snake, Worm, Giraffe

    Show Requirements

    Space:10' by 6' (minimum floorspace)
    Outdoors:Tent or Deck
    External Audio:Available for larger venues
    Runtime:45:00 or 30:00 with balloons to follow